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Apple A12Z Bionic, everything you should know about this new SoC from Apple!

Apple released their new SoC, the Apple a12Z bionic alongside the new iPad Pro 2020. Here is everything you need to know about it.

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Apple is working on 2 new iPad models (iPad 8th gen / iPad mini 6)

We just got more information about 2 new iPad future releases. The iPad 8th gen 10.8-inch screen and the iPad mini 6th gen that would rock an 8.9-inch screen

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Could you use an iPad Pro as your main computer?

Apple is trying to push the narrative that you could use an iPad exclusively as your main computer. Is this a valid claim to make?

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The best iPad for 2020, which one should you buy?

With so many iPads to choose from in the current Apple lineup, which one is actually the best for your needs? I will try to answer this question in this blog post!

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Why did I start iPadHype?

Why did I start the iPadHype blog? Read this blog post to find out :)

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All iPad keynotes since the iPad inception! (With videos)

Today, we all love our iPads. It’s funny to take a step back and look how far we’ve come from. The First iPad was released about 10 years ago

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My wishlist for iPadOS 14

iPadOS14 is coming out soon, which features would you like to see coming over to the iPad? This is my list of the features for iPadOS14.

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35+ Best iPad Pro accessories of 2020!

Discover the 35+ best iPad pro accessories of 2020. We selected a list of most needed accessories from different high quality brands. Enjoy

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Fuck this, let’s show him what a tablet can really be.

- Steve Jobs

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